Alameda County [California] Health and Ways of Living Study, 1974 Panel (ICPSR 6838)

Principal Investigator(s): Kaplan, George A., California Department of Health Services. Human Population Laboratory


These data constitute the second wave of a survey designed to study the influence of health practices and social relationships on the physical and mental health of a typical sample of the population. The first wave (HEALTH AND WAYS OF LIVING STUDY, 1965 PANEL [ALAMEDA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA] [ICPSR 6688]) collected information for 6,928 respondents (including approximately 500 women aged 65 years and older) on chronic health conditions, health behaviors, social involvements, and psychological characteristics. The 1974 questionnaire was sent to 6,246 living subjects who had responded in 1965, and were able to be located. A total of 4,864 individuals responded in 1974. Questions were asked on marital and life satisfaction, parenting, physical activities, employment, and childhood experiences. Demographic information on age, race, height, weight, education, income, and religion was also collected. Included with this dataset is a separate file (Part 2) containing mortality data for respondents who died between the 1965 and 1974 panels, and information on nonrespondents.


DS0:  Study-Level Files
DS1:  1974 Data
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DS2:  1965-1974 Mortality and Response Data
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