American Time Use Survey, 2005 (ICPSR 4709)

Principal Investigator(s): United States Bureau of Labor Statistics; United States Census Bureau


The American Time Use Survey (ATUS) collects information on how people living in the United States spend their time. Data collected in this study measured the amount of time that people spent doing various activities in 2005, such as paid work, child care, religious activities, volunteering, and socializing. Respondents were randomly selected from households that had completed their final month of the Current Population Survey (CPS), and were interviewed two to five months after their household's last CPS interview. Respondents were interviewed only once and reported their activities for the 24-hour period from 4 a.m. on the day before the interview until 4 a.m. on the day of the interview. Respondents indicated the total number of minutes spent on each activity, including where they were and whom they were with. Except for secondary child care, data on activities done simultaneously with primary activities were not collected. Part 1, Respondent and Activity Summary File, contains demographic information about respondents and a summary of the total amount of time they spent doing each activity that day. Part 2, Roster File, contains information about household members and nonhousehold children under the age of 18. Part 3, Activity File, includes additional information on activities in which respondents participated, including the location of each activity and the total time spent on secondary child care. Part 4, Who File, includes data on who was present during each activity. Part 5, ATUS-CPS 2005 File, contains data on respondents and members of their household collected two to five months prior to the ATUS interviews during their participation in the Current Population Survey (CPS). Parts 6-10 contain supplemental data files that can be used for further analysis of the data. Part 6, Case History File, contains information about the interview process, such as identifiers and interview outcome codes. Part 7, Call History File, gives information about each call attempt, including the call date and outcome. Part 8, Trips File, provides information about the number, duration, and purpose of overnight trips away from home for two or more nights in a row. Part 9, Replicate Weights File I, contains base weights, replicated base weights, and replicate final weights for each case that was selected to be interviewed for ATUS, while Part 10, Replicate Weights File II, contains replicate weights that were generated using the 2006 weighting method. Demographic variables include sex, age, race, ethnicity, education level, income, employment status, occupation, citizenship status, country of origin, relationship to household members, and the ages and number of children in the household.

Series: American Time Use Survey (ATUS) Series


DS0:  Study-Level Files
DS1:  Respondent and Activity Summary File
DS2:  Roster File
DS3:  Activity File
DS4:  Who File
DS5:  ATUS-CPS 2005 File
DS6:  Supplemental Data: Case History File
DS7:  Supplemental Data: Call History File
DS8:  Supplemental Data: Trips File
DS9:  Supplemental Data: Replicate Weights File I
DS10:  Supplemental Data: Replicate Weights File II