ACTIVE (Advanced Cognitive Training for Independent and Vital Elderly), 1999-2001 [United States] (ICPSR 4248)

Alternate Title:  ACTIVE, 1999-2001

Principal Investigator(s):


ACTIVE (Advanced Cognitive Training for Independent and Vital Elderly), 1999-2001 [United States] was a multisite randomized controlled trial conducted at six field sites with New England Research Institutes (NERI) as the coordinating center. The field sites included the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for the Aged in Boston, Indiana University, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Pennsylvania State University, and the University of Florida/Wayne State University (Detroit). The primary aim of the trial was to test the effects of three distinct cognitive interventions -- previously found to be successful in improving elders' performance on basic measures of cognition under laboratory or small-scale field conditions -- on measures of cognitively demanding daily activities. Trainings consisted of an initial series of ten group sessions followed by four-session booster trainings at one and three years. The three cognitive interventions focused on memory, executive reasoning, and speed of processing. The design included a no-contact control group. Participants were assessed at baseline, immediately after training, and annually thereafter. A total of 2,832 older adults were enrolled in the trial, and 2,802 were included in the analytical sample. Twenty-six percent of the participants were African American.


DS0:  Study-Level Files
DS1:  Form 2 Screener
DS2:  Form 3 Baseline Individual Assessment, Part 1
DS3:  Form 4 Baseline Individual Assessment, Part 2
DS4:  Form 310 HVLT Intrusion/Perseveration Errors
DS5:  Form 311 Word Series
DS6:  Form 312 HVLT Recognition
DS7:  Form 313 UFOV
DS8:  Form 314 CRT
DS9:  Form 410 PT Individual Assessment
DS10:  Form 411 Digit Symbol Substitution and Digit Symbol Copy Data Coding Form
DS11:  Form 415 AN1 Individual Assessment, Part 1
DS12:  Form 420 AN1 Individual Assessment, Part 2
DS13:  Form 422 OTDL
DS14:  Form 5 Take-Home
DS15:  Form 510 Post-Test Take-Home
DS18:  Form 611c AN1 AVLT
DS19:  Form 611d AN2 AVLT
DS20:  Form 612 Letter Series
DS21:  Form 613 AVLT Recognition
DS22:  Form 614 Letter Series
DS24:  Form 615b AN5 Rivermead
DS28:  Form 619 AVLT Intrusion/Perseveration Errors
DS29:  Form 700 AN1 Abbreviated Battery
DS30:  Form 705 AN2 Abbreviated Battery
DS31:  Form 706a AN3 Abbreviated Battery
DS32:  Form 706b AN5 Abbreviated Battery
DS33:  Form 710 AN1 and AN2 Abbreviated Battery, Level 2
DS34:  Form 713 AN3 Abbreviated Battery, Level 2
DS35:  Form 714 AN5 Abbreviated Battery, Level 2
DS36:  Form 717 Take-Home EPT
DS37:  Form 800 AN2 Individual Assessment, Part 1
DS38:  Form 803 AN3 Individual Assessment, Part 1
DS39:  Form 804 AN5 Individual Assessment, Part 1
DS40:  Form 810 AN2 Individual Assessment, Part 2
DS41:  Form 813 AN3 Individual Assessment, Part 2
DS42:  Form 814 AN5 Individual Assessment, Part 2
DS43:  Analysis Dataset

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