ICPSR's Resources for Instructors are the results of discussions with teaching faculty about using data in their classrooms and the challenges such an undertaking can entail. All resources are provided under a Creative Commons (attribution) License.

Short Exercises

Data-Driven Learning Guides

Each of these standardized exercises include a statement of learning goals, a description of the focal concept in language similar to that found in an introductory textbook, a short description of the dataset, a series of data outputs and accompanying questions for students, a guide to interpreting the output, and a bibliography related to the topic discussed. They are categorized by the highest level of statistical analysis to assist with selecting appropriate exercises, but there is no assumption that any one activity must be used prior to any other.

Crosstab Assignment Builder

Based on SDA, ICPSR's online data analysis tool, the Crosstab Assignment Builder enables faculty to set up a crosstab from ICPSR data to be viewed and manipulated by their students. The instructor selects an appropriate dataset and identifies relevant variables. The students can be given varying degrees of autonomy; instructors can designate placement of specific variables (row, column, control) or they can leave the choice up to students. Students will then receive a URL that provides access to the limited-choice table where they can modify the display and create charts or graphs as appropriate. Instructions for this tool are also available.

Please note that this tool is currently in beta testing. Please feel free to email feedback to web-support@icpsr.umich.edu.

Exercise Sets (Modules)

These resources are made up of sequenced activities. While assignments may be created using a few of the exercises in a set, the full package must be used to meet the stated learning objectives for each. Exercise Sets are often appropriate for Research Methods courses and more substantively focused courses.

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