Dr. Eugene Owen Scholarship for Research on the International Assessment of Student Achievement

The application deadline for all 2017 ICPSR scholarships is Friday, March 31, 2017.

This scholarship honoring the memory of Dr. Eugene Owen supports young scholars who will advance the understanding of international differences in student educational achievement to which he devoted much of his career. During his 30 years at the National Center for Education Statistics, he made seminal contributions to the development of cross-national surveys, such as the Program for International Student Assessment.

The Owen Scholarship will be awarded to senior graduate students or outstanding pre-tenure scholars (less than five years since award of the PhD) conducting research that advances the understanding of international differences in student achievement. Recipients will be scholars who contribute to research and policy about education and teaching in a cross-national perspective. The Owen Scholarship is open to applicants from both North American and non-North American institutions.

The Owen Scholarship provides a waiver of participation fees to attend one of the two four-week sessions, or a single three- to five-day fee-carrying workshop, in the ICPSR Summer Program.

Applicants to the Eugene Owen Scholarship can come from any academic discipline, but they should have professional interests in one or more of the following areas of research (or in related fields):

  • Advancing cross-national research on K-12 student achievement
  • Advancing cross-national research on college- or university-level achievement
  • Understanding the role of teaching from a cross-national perspective

All applicants must register for at least one four-week workshop or one 3- to 5-day workshop, but are not required to pay the registration fee in order to apply for the scholarship. Note that workshop selections may be changed later, but that the ICPSR Scholarship Committee may use your course preference as a criterion in the selection process. Applicants must email the following supporting materials directly to sumprog@icpsr.umich.edu:

  1. A current curriculum vita

  2. A cover letter from the applicant, explaining his/her scholarly interests, background, research plans, and how participation in the ICPSR Summer Program will contribute toward the achievement of professional objectives.

  3. Two letters of recommendation. For applicants who are faculty members, one of these letters should come from his or her Department Chair. For graduate student applicants, one of the letters should come from his or her faculty advisor or dissertation chairperson. Your letter writers should directly submit their recommendations to the ICPSR Summer Program at sumprog@icpsr.umich.edu and include your name and "Owen Scholarship" in the subject line or body of the email.

  4. An official course transcript (for graduate student applicants only)