Financial Support

ICPSR offers two primary means of financial support for attendance in the Summer Program: discounted fees for participants from ICPSR member institutions and several fee-waver ICPSR scholarships. Additionally, some non-ICPSR sources provide financial support.

The main financial support ICPSR offers for attendance in the Summer Program is the substantial discount on fees for members. Individuals at ICPSR member institutions pay half the fee rate paid by individuals from non-member institutions. To determine if you are eligible for this discount, please check our complete list of ICPSR member institutions.

ICPSR Scholarships

The ICPSR Summer Program offers several fee-waiver scholarships to support graduate students who want to participate in the Summer Program's four-week sessions. The scholarships are targeted toward specific substantive fields and academic disciplines. No scholarships or fee waivers are available for attendance in the Summer Program's three- to five-day statistical workshops.

The selection process for each scholarship is highly competitive. Preference is given to advanced PhD students who are focusing on methodology and statistical analysis, unless stated otherwise in a specific scholarship description.

Congratulations to the 2014 ICPSR Scholarship Recipients!

For information and the deadline for the 2015 ICPSR Scholarships, please check back in early 2015.

The Scholarship for Under-Resourced Institutions

In 2014, ICPSR is offering a new scholarship directed toward students, faculty, and recent alumni at ICPSR member institutions that have been deemed "Under-Resourced Institutions" (URIs). By offering these scholarships, the Summer Program seeks to increase opportunities to individuals at colleges and universities where training in social science research methodologies and technologies may be limited. You can view a list of ICPSR member institutions designated as Under-Resourced Institutions, as well as application materials and requirements (pdf). The deadline is May 1, 2014.

Non-ICPSR Financial Support

Some non-ICPSR sources provide fee waivers or scholarships to support attendance in the Summer Program. Eligibility and application protocols are set by each non-ICPSR organization. Since the scholarships described here are administered by those organizations and not by the ICPSR Summer Program, please contact the non-ICPSR organizations for information.

  • Empirical Implications for Theoretical Models (EITM) conducts summer institutes for graduate students in political science to improve participants' ability to address a variety of critical research questions, leveraging between the interactions of theoretical models and empirical efforts.

    EITM Certification Scholarships provide funds to attend classes at the ICPSR Summer Program. Each scholarship covers the fee for up to two four-week sessions of the next ICPSR Summer Program. The deadline for the 2015 scholarship program is 5PM on Friday, January 30, 2015. View application instructions

  • Janet Box-Steffensmeier and John A. Garcia Scholarships support participation at the 2014 ICPSR Summer Program by the Society for Political Methodology. These awards are intended to encourage women and minority graduate students in political science to attend the ICPSR Summer Program.

    The Box-Steffensmeier Scholarship is a waiver of Program Scholar fees to attend one or both of the four-week sessions. The scholarship is awarded to up to three women graduate students in Ph.D. programs. The Garcia Award is a waiver of Program Scholar fees to attend one or both of the four-week sessions. The scholarship is awarded to up to three minority graduate students in Ph.D. programs.

    Applicants for either scholarship should visit the Society of Political Methodology website.

  • ISR-Rackham Summer Training Awards support University of Michigan graduate students only in Division III to take summer courses offered by the ICPSR Summer Program or the SRC Summer Institute. The funds are specifically for current graduate students for whom such courses would significantly contribute to their graduate education. For specific details about the awards, please refer to the 2014 application form (PDF 108K).

Other Non-ICPSR Funding Sources

Many academic institutions provide scholarships or support to attend the ICPSR Summer Program. Please ask your graduate department, local institution, organization, or professional association about funding possibilities.

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