Housing in Ann Arbor: First and Second Four-week Sessions

Participants who attend the First and/or Second Sessions will need to make housing arrangements for four weeks (one session) or eight weeks (both sessions). Past participants have typically sub-leased a room or an apartment or contracted with the Inter-Cooperative Council for their stay in Ann Arbor.

In addition to the rental rate, factors to consider include location, air conditioning, and proximity to city or University of Michigan bus lines.

An ideal location is within walking distance of the University of Michigan central campus, where all four-week courses will be held.

The University of Michigan has an off-campus housing website where you will find apartments, summer sublets, and shared housing properties listed by both students and property managers. The U-M off-campus housing website also features a map, so you can see how close a residence is to campus.

You can also try looking for sublets on Ann Arbor's Craigslist Housing page. Most sublets are from current Michigan students who leave town for the summer and are looking for someone to cover their rent. This means that many are looking for someone to stay for most of the Summer instead of the 4-8 weeks of the Summer Program. Please note that some listings on Craigslist are scams. We recommend reading Craigslist's guide for avoiding scams.

Another option is the online community marketplace for booking unique accommodations - airbnb.com (the Summer Program cannot vouch for anyone using the service).

In addition, browse the current posts at the ICPSR Summer Program housing forum to search for available housing with fellow participants.

A Word for the Wise

Inspect an apartment or room before you decide to rent it. If you can't check out the sublet in person, ask if the unit is furnished, if bedding is needed, if there are cooking utensils, a dishwasher, a microwave, a refrigerator with a freezer, a four-top stove with an oven, and air-conditioning or fans. Be aware that a fan and cross-ventilation is not "just as good" as air conditioning. Equally important is the general cleanliness of the rental unit; inquire in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Be precise as well regarding the number of people who will occupy the apartment, the exact dates of occupancy, and the number of rooms required.

ICC: Cooperative Student Housing

The Inter-Cooperative Council (ICC) has offered housing to ICPSR Summer Program participants for over fifty years. Several co-op houses are within walking distance of the ICPSR Summer Program headquarters in the Newberry Building on the U-M central campus. ICC house members who live on the north campus or in the Escher House can travel to and from central campus on the U-M Blue bus (free) or ride the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority buses (fee).

Living cooperatively and sharing costs for housing are the hallmarks of the co-op experience. To that end, the ICC student housing co-ops are jointly managed and run by the house members. Each ICC house member will contribute around 4 hours of work per week to share house maintenance. Work duties may include working, cleaning, or serving as a house officer.

2017 Cost

  • Central Campus: The four week contract is $590, regardless of room size. All Central Campus rooms are singles by default.
  • North Campus (Escher House): The four week contract for a small single is $668; a large single is $726. This amount does include meals

If a meal plan interests you, contract with Black Elk, Michigan, Nakamura, or Escher House. Otherwise, plan to independently manage your food budget. All ICC houses come with fully-equipped kitchens, coinless laundry rooms, utilities, wireless internet, and TV lounges. Game rooms and workout facilities are "in house" at some of the ICC co-ops.

When applying to the ICC, identify yourself as an ICPSR Summer Program participant and include the specific housing dates for your stay in Ann Arbor. Feel free to ask the ICC staff for housing recommendations. Then contact the house president to ask the questions which will help you decide which house is the right fit for you. You can find contact information for each house president online under Available Spaces on the ICC website.

The personality of each House is made up of the members who live there; house members may be primarily undergraduates or graduate students. Find out ahead of time what you may expect in terms of a general house ambiance; ask about noise levels, tidiness, and air-conditioning. Each room has an extra-long twin bed, a desk, dresser, and chair. Parking is limited.

When considering a contract with the ICC, be aware of your own needs and expectations. If you do contract with the ICC, plan to be communicative, flexible, and tolerant.

2017 ICPSR Summer ICC Housing Contracts

ICC contracts become available for ICPSR Summer Program participants on April 1, 2017.

Group Applications are not possible. Each individual must apply and sign an individual contract.

When the ICC notifies you that your housing contract is ready to be signed, you are required to verify your ICPSR Summer Program participation.

Submit either of these Acceptable Proofs:

  1. Forward your ICPSR Summer program email confirmation message
  2. Email a copy of your account page

ICC contact information:
Telephone: (734) 662-4414, ext. 100
Fax: (734) 662-5870
Email: info@icc.coop
Visit the ICC website


The Ecumenical Center and International Residence (ECIR) is a unique living experience for international participants and scholars. The mission of ECIR is to be a reconciling international, interreligious, living/learning community across the lines of religion, ethnicity, and culture. One-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments are available. One- to four-month leases are available in the spring and summer. All apartments are air-conditioned, fully furnished, and have a bathroom, kitchen, and living room.

For Summer rates, contact ECIR info@ecir.org or (734) 662-5529.

Chabad House

715 Hill St. Large attractive rooms for the summer. Prices range from $399-599. Great location right on campus, 1 block from Law and Business schools, clean and quiet, furnished rooms, shared kitchen with a sink, stove, and refrigerator. Laundry washer and dryer. House hooked up to cable TV and Internet high speed bandwidth. Males preferred. Please call (734) 926-8101 or email ar7gold@gmail.com.