Frequently Asked Questions

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Summer Program Offerings
Lectures, 3-5 day workshops, 4-week offerings

Participant Preparations: Tools and Materials
Statistical software, course materials, readings

Funding Opportunities
Scholarships, application materials, deadlines

Payment Options
Direct payments, invoices, third-party payers, refunds, discounts

Accommodations, Travel, and Local Interests
Lodging, information on the different sites, local services

Documents of Summer Program Involvement
Certificate of participation, grade equivalency, and other documents

International Participants
Visa-related information, preparation for site destinations

Most popular questions

Can someone help me understand which workshops are suitable for my academic preparation?

Yes. Please send a note to that describes your training to date, what you are currently working on and your questions about the workshop. One of our staff members can advise you of a set of course(s) that would be most appropriate. Also, we have instructors acting as counselors during the check-in period for Session I and/or Session II who can help you at that time.

Where is the syllabus for the workshop?

Each instructor develops his or her own syllabus, which we post to the description page of the workshop as soon as it is made available. Please note that your workshop's syllabus and reading materials may not be available until the first day of the workshop. If your workshop's syllabus is not yet currently posted online, you can view past years' syllabi and reading lists on our website in order to get a general idea of material and texts that may be covered this year.

Can you send me an invoice?

Contact us at with Attn: to our financial manager to request an invoice.

The early discount deadline is May 1. If the Summer Program receives my payment on May 1 as opposed to April 30, will I receive the discount?

No. Payments made on May 1 do not receive the early discount fee. Please see the 2014 Fee Schedule on our Registration page for a list of registration fees paid before May 1 and beginning May 1.

Can I receive academic credit at my home university for Summer Program workshops?

This is a decision only your home department can make. We can provide you with a grade letter memorandum, which verifies your corresponding level of participation. Request a grade letter from your instructor ahead of time; plan on completing all homework assignments and exams. The letter indicates the grade you would have achieved had your workshop(s) been admissible for credit.

I am applying to graduate programs. I need to mail my grade letter to several universities. What is the cost for the Summer Program to do that for me?

We encourage you to submit an electronic version of the official ICPSR Summer Program grade letter memorandum (see the FAQ question immediately prior to this one) to the various schools to which you are applying.

Interested in information for visitors to the program? See the Visitors page.

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