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FAQ: Funding Opportunities

Frequently requested information about scholarships, application materials, and deadlines:

Does the Summer Program offer financial aid or scholarships?

Yes! ICPSR offers several fee-waiver scholarships for advanced graduate students and pre-tenure scholars who wish to participate in our four-week sessions. Additionally, several non-ICPSR organizations offer fee-waiver scholarships for our four-week sessions. Please visit our Scholarships/Financial Support page for detailed information.

Please note that ICPSR does not provide scholarships or financial support for the 3- to 5-day statistical workshops.

When will we hear back from the scholarship committee?

Applicants are generally notified one month after the posted deadline.

I am having trouble uploading my documents for review. Whom can I contact to help me with this?

Please call (734) 763-7400 or send an email to

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