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FAQ: Documents of Summer Program Involvement

Frequently requested information about certificates of participation, grade equivalency, and other documents:

Can I receive academic credit at my home institution for Summer Program workshops?

This is a decision only your home department can make. For our four-week workshops, we can provide you with a grade letter memorandum, which indicates the grade you would have received, had the workshop been a college course taken for credit.

If you intend to request a grade letter memorandum for a four-week workshop, inform your instructor at the start of the session and plan on completing all homework assignments and exams.

I am applying to graduate programs. Can the Summer Program send me a letter of recommendation?

No. But we can supply you with a grade letter memorandum for your application to a graduate program.

I am applying to graduate programs. I need to mail my grade letter to several universities. What is the cost for the Summer Program to do that for me?

We encourage you to submit an electronic version of the official ICPSR Summer Program grade letter memorandum mentioned above to the various schools to which you are applying.

I previously attended the Summer Program and have lost or require additional certification. Is that possible, and what is the cost?

There is no charge for this service.

Please send a note to with your complete name, the year you participated, and a mailing address. Also, state whether you need hard copy or an electronic file.

My school will only fund persons who can prove they have registered in the Summer Program. Can your office provide an official statement?

Our policy is to provide official registration confirmation only after the workshop fee has been received. However, we can provide confirmation that you have signed up for a workshop in order to facilitate your funding request. Contact us at to receive an official letter noting that payment is due for your workshop selection(s).

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