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FAQ: Accommodations, Travel, and Local Interests

Frequently requested information about lodging, information on the different sites, and local services:

Does the workshop fee cover room and board?

No, the fees listed in the "Fee Schedule" cover the cost of the workshop only. For information and suggestions to help you organize your stay in Ann Arbor, please check our Visitor Information page.

I'm preparing a budget. Where can I find approximate lodging costs for my intended participation in the ICPSR Summer Program?

We are glad to help. Contact us at for this information.

Can you tell me the best area to look for a sublet?

An ideal location is within walking distance of the ICPSR Summer Program at the Helen Newberry Building, 432 South State Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109. Take a look at our ICPSR Summer Program public map to judge the walking distance from your prospective sublet to our classrooms and the Newberry Building.

Can I have a package sent to me at the Summer Program?

Yes, use our permanent street address; package pick-up is at the Main Office at Newberry.

c/o ICPSR Summer Program
330 Packard St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1248

Is July 4th a holiday for the purposes of the Summer Program?

It has been our policy that if July 4th falls upon a weekday, it is left to the discretion of the instructor whether to hold class or not.

I will attend the four-week session, but I need to miss one or more days due to another obligation. Is it okay to miss my classes on these days?

The Summer Program does not advise missing any classes, due to the quick pace of our courses and the complexity of material covered.

However, if you must miss a class, we recommend meeting with your instructor(s) at the start of your workshop(s) to discuss your situation.

Does the Summer Program provide child care?

The ICPSR Summer Program does not provide child care, but we can identify some child-care services available in Ann Arbor. At the same time, we do not endorse any child-care provider. Listed below are a few potential child care options in Ann Arbor:

  • The Ann Arbor YMCA provides part- and full-time child care for all ages.
  • Try a Google search with the key words "summer camps preschool Ann Arbor MI".
  • The University of Michigan has an extensive database for a variety of child care resources in Washtenaw County, which you can explore as a guest.

Can I use the recreational facilities at the University of Michigan?

Yes. You are able to purchase a membership after you have attended orientation check-in for Session I and/or Session II.

Can I use the libraries at the University of Michigan?

Yes. You are able to use University of Michigan libraries after you have attended "Orientation Check-in" for Session I and/or Session II.

Thanks for visiting our FAQ section. The Visitor Information section has additional information you may find useful.

Please feel free to contact us with other questions or to suggest other information we should provide on the website.