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FAQ: Participant Preparations — Tools and Materials

Frequently requested information about statistical software, course materials, and readings:

Will I need to purchase statistical software for my workshop?

No. Workshop software programs are installed in the computer labs at Perry for short workshops and Newberry for Session I and/or Session II. Statistical software vendors offer special purchase plans to Summer Program participants. Ask the computing staff about current offers. Please check vendor websites for offers on trial software licenses. Also, ask your instructor and/or teaching assistant about Free Software Foundation's GNU General Public License for leads on free software.

Where is the syllabus for the workshop?

Each instructor develops his or her own syllabus, which we post to the description page of the workshop as soon as it is made available. Please note that your workshop's syllabus and reading materials may not be available until the first day of the workshop. If your workshop's syllabus is not yet currently posted online, you can view past years' syllabi and reading lists on our website to get a general idea of material and texts that may be covered this year.

Should I purchase textbooks in advance, online, or when I arrive?

Session I and/or Session II participants will be able to purchase a required textbook in Ann Arbor at Ulrich's bookstore, 549 East University (view map). The textbooks will not be listed or available for purchase until we have received a list of the required textbooks from the Summer Program instructor. Often participants in Session I and/or Session II change their workshop selection; it's best to purchase required textbooks in Ann Arbor when you have a confirmed schedule.

If you are certain about your workshop selection, check the syllabus when it becomes available to follow through on a textbook purchase before you arrive or upon your arrival to the summer program.

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