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FAQ: Payment Options

Frequently requested information about direct payments, invoices, third-party payers, refunds, and discounts:

Can you send me an invoice?

Contact our financial manager via to request an invoice.

I plan to pay by personal check. What is the proper postal address?

Your personal check should be payable to the ICPSR Summer Program with the title of your workshop noted on the memo line of the check.

If the check is from a third party, include the name of the participant and the title of his or her workshop on a separate piece of paper. Use the postal address below.

Attn: Fillippo Stargell
ICPSR Summer Program
P.O. Box 1248
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1248

I registered and paid for a workshop, and now I need to withdraw. Can I receive a refund of my registration fee?

Session I and/or Session II

To receive a full refund of your registration fee for one or both four-week sessions:

  1. Log into your ICPSR MyData account. In the "Classes" section, go to [Add/Drop] and uncheck all of your selected courses for your four-week session(s).
  2. Send a message to with the subject line "Withdraw/Request Refund" no later than 7 a.m. EDT on the first day of Session I and/or Session II.

If you withdraw during the first week of Session I and/or Session II, you will be charged a $250 late withdrawal fee and then refunded the remainder of your registration fee.

Registration fees are non-refundable after 5 p.m. EDT on the first Friday of Session I and/or Session II.

3- to 5-Day Workshops

To receive a full refund of your registration fee for a 3- to 5-day workshop:

  1. Log into your ICPSR MyData account. In the "Classes" section, go to [Add/Drop] and uncheck the 3- to 5-day workshop you registered for.
  2. Send a message to with the subject line "Withdraw/Request refund" at least 30 days prior to the first day of the workshop.

A late withdrawal fee of $250 is applied to refund requests submitted less than 30 days prior to the first day of a 3- to 5-day workshop.

The registration fee for a 3- to 5-day workshop is non-refundable after 8 a.m. EDT on the first day of the workshop.

Additionally, participants who drop a 3- to 5-day workshop after receiving the multiple short workshop discount will be charged the full fee for the remaining workshop.

I must pay for my Summer Program workshop selection by bank wire. How do I do that?

First contact with Attn: Financial Manager to let us know that you will be using this method of payment. Then visit your local bank to request a wire transfer of funds to the ICPSR Summer Program at the University of Michigan.

The following information is required by the University of Michigan financial operations in order to process a wire transfer:

Bank Name: Bank of America
Bank Address: 2600 Big Beaver Rd., Troy, MI 48084

ABA/Routing Number: 026-009-593
SWIFT Bank Identifier Code: BOFAUS3N
Account number: 54011-25777
Account name: The Regents of the University of Michigan EFT Depository

  • You must identify "ICPSR" as the "Beneficiary" on the wire transfer form.
  • You must include the participant's full name on the wire/bank transfer.
  • The wire transfer fee is the responsibility of the sender: If you fail to pay the transfer fee that same amount is deducted from the funds sent; your payment will be incomplete.
  • To avoid delay in reconciling your wire transfer, email, Attn: Financial Manager with the total amount of your transfer, the bank name and the date sent.

My credit card has a monthly limit; can I pay my workshop fee in installments?

Yes, you can make payments in increments. It's helpful if you let us know ahead of time, so please send a note to

  • Payment by installment for Session I and/or Session II must be completed by/or on the day of "Orientation check-in".
  • Payment by installment for a short workshop should be completed two weeks in advance of the start date of the workshop.

I paid my account some time ago, but now when I log in I see a balance is due. What should I do?

Please send a message to We will look into the matter and get back to you shortly.

What kinds of discounts will the Summer Program offer this year?

Our discounts are described on the registration page, below the table of the Fee Schedule.

The Summer Program early payment discount deadline is May 1. If the Summer Program receives my payment on May 1, as opposed to April 30, will I still receive the discount?

No. Payments made on May 1 do not receive the early payment discount. Please see the Fee Schedule on our registration page for a list of registration fees paid before May 1 and beginning May 1.

I made my workshop selection early in order to qualify for the discounted fee for a payment made before May 1. My department will be funding me, and those funds won't be available until after your discount deadline. Can my school still qualify for the discount rate?

Yes. Have your academic department administrator, or the administrative contact for your professional organization, request an invoice at before May 1 with Attn: Financial Manager. We will honor the early payment discount for invoices requested and received prior to May 1.

My school will only fund persons who can prove they have registered in the Summer Program. Can your office provide an official statement?

Our policy is to provide official registration confirmation only after the workshop fee has been received. However, we can provide confirmation that you have signed up for a workshop in order to facilitate your funding request. Contact us at to receive an official letter noting that payment is due for your workshop selection(s).

My department will fund me; whom do they need to contact?

Contact us at or (734) 763-7400 for all issues regarding institutional payments and invoices.

I have personally paid for my registration in the Summer Program; however, I found out I will receive departmental funding for my workshops. How should I go about requesting a credit card refund?

Please route credit card refund requests under the subject line "ICPSR Summer Program refund request" to

I made a note in my account that my department will be funding me, but I haven't heard back from the ICPSR Summer Program about how to arrange this payment. Whom do I contact?

You can contact our financial manager through with a request for assistance with an institutional payment.

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