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FAQ: Summer Program Offerings

Frequently requested information about lectures, 3-5 day workshops, and 4-week offerings:

What are the differences between a 3-5 day (short) workshop and a workshop in Session I and/or Session II?

The 3-5 day workshops are in session from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The class size is limited to 25 persons with previous statistical training and/or appropriate research background. ICPSR financial support is not available for a registration in a 3-5 day workshop. However, sponsored workshops (i.e. organized by a topical archive within ICPSR) each year will hold a competitive selection process for participation in these types of short workshops.

Session I and/or Session II lectures and courses are made up of as few as 12 and up to more than 80 participants. Introductory and advanced course selections are possible in Session I and/or Session II. For the most part, the courses focus upon statistical techniques, approaches, and advanced methodological techniques. At a minimum, a participant can register for one course or a total of 10 hours of instruction each week. Participants are able to meet with teaching assistants and the instructor in specified office hours.

All Session I and/or Session II participants are welcome and encouraged to attend any or all of the evening Blalock Lectures presented in both four week sessions. Participants can also select a lecture offering such as a math refresher, introduction to computing, introduction to LaTeX Text processing, matrix algebra, etc. (see Schedule), which may meet up to 5 hours a week. The ICPSR Summer Program does not limit your participation to our lecture offerings. If participants are able to manage lectures during their time in our Summer Program, they are welcome to do so. However, keep in mind that because of the compressed timeframe, participation in Summer Program courses do require energetic focus and dedicated effort, in order to achieve positive results from the ICPSR Summer Program training experience.

I am a little unsure about my academic preparation for the Summer Program. I've been to your website and have read the workshop descriptions, the previous and current syllabi, and the guide to workshop selection, but I still have questions before I feel sure about selecting my workshops. Is there someone who can help point me in the right direction?

Yes. Please send a note to that describes your training to date, what you are currently working on, and your questions about the workshop. One of our staff members can advise you of a set of course(s) that would be most appropriate. Also, we have instructors acting as counselors during the check-in period for Session I and/or Session II who can help you at that time.

When applying to the Summer Program, do I need to send my transcripts?

A review of your transcript is not required; we offer training to improve your current statistical knowledge and skill level. As a result, there is no formal vetting process. You are able to simply create an ICPSR "My Data" account and select the workshops of interest to you. Again, if you have questions about which workshops are an appropriate match for you, see the immediately previous question (above) or contact

My supervisor asked me to create an ICPSR Summer Program participant account in order to register her for a workshop you are offering this summer. Should I use my supervisor's email address or my email address?

Neither. Your supervisor should register her own email address as the user name for the ICPSR "My Data" account. The ICPSR "My Data" user name not only provides a record for a registration in the ICPSR Summer Program but also provides access to the ICPSR data archive. Additionally, all administrative communications specific to the Summer Program workshop database — such as a PayPal receipt, payment acknowledgement, payment advisement, detailed workshop confirmation, and announcements — are routed to that same "My Data" email address. Please contact us at or (734) 763-7400 for help managing administrative matters for a Summer Program participant.

The Summer Program "Orientation Check-in" day conflicts with my scheduled arrival. Can I check in late?

Yes, we are able to help you manage a later registration for Session I and/or Session II. Just send a note to with your arrival details.

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