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FAQ: Funding Opportunities

Frequently requested information about scholarships, application materials, and deadlines:

Does the Summer Program offer financial aid or scholarships?

Yes! Please visit our Scholarships/Financial Support page for detailed information.

When will we hear back from the scholarship committee?

Applicants are notified two weeks after the posted deadline.

I am having trouble uploading my documents for review. Whom can I contact to help me with this?

Please call (734) 763-7400 or send an email to

My school is not an ICPSR member, and I really need this short workshop. Do the Summer Program scholarships cover short workshops?

Unfortunately, the Summer Program is unable to provide scholarship funds for short workshops. We recommend that you contact your academic department for funding assistance or request professional development funds from your professional organization.

My school will only fund persons who can prove they have registered in the Summer Program. Can your office provide an official statement?

Our policy is to send confirmation of a Summer Program workshop registration when the workshop fee is received. However, we can provide participants with the confirmation required for fulfilling the application requirements needed. Contact the Summer Program email ( to receive an official confirmation of your registration with the ICPSR Summer Program noting the payment due for your workshop selection(s).

I'm still waiting to hear back about my application for funding for a short workshop. Can you tell me how many seats are still available?

Certainly. Contact the summer program ( for the current number of remaining seats in the workshop you wish to attend. Short workshops have a maximum capacity of 25 persons. You can register for any workshop without first making a payment. However, we encourage you to make payment in full if you are able to do so at the time of registration.

We do create a wait list for a short workshop when registrants exceed the maximum number of seats. To move a wait list forward, we contact all unpaid registrants two weeks prior to the start date. If they are unable to complete their payment, we withdraw their registration. We then notify the next person on the waitlist that they have the opportunity to register for the workshop. We do encourage payment in full for a short workshop.

I am competing for admission to a sponsored short workshop. Can you tell me how many people have applied?

Certainly. Please send your query to with a note asking for a total number of applicants for the particular workshop.

My department will fund me; whom do they need to contact?

Our financial manager can respond if you send your request to In this manner the individual who manages our finances, invoices, institutional checks, and bank wires can respond accordingly.

I have paid for my registration in the Summer Program; however, I found out I will receive departmental funding for my workshops. How should I go about requesting a credit card refund?

Please route credit card refund requests under the subject line "ICPSR Summer Program refund request" to and Attn: Financial Manager.

I made a note in my account that my department will be funding me, but I haven't heard back from the ICPSR Summer Program about how to go about this. Whom do I contact?

You can contact our financial manager through with a request for assistance with an institutional payment.

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