2010 Syllabi and Reading Lists

Syllabi have been provided in PDF format, and require Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to viewed. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you may obtain a free copy from Adobe's website.

Advanced Bayesian Models for the Social Sciences - Patrick Brandt, Skyler Cranmer, and Jong Hee Park (PDF 111K)

Advanced Multivariate Statistical Methods - Douglas Steinley (PDF 8K)

Analyzing Developmental Trajectories - Daniel Nagin (PDF 1MB)

Analyzing Multilevel and Mixed Models Using Stata - Roberto G. Gutierrez (PDF 23K)

Advanced Topics in Maximum Likelihood Estimation: Duration Analysis/Event History Analysis - Brad Jones (PDF 28K)

Categorical Data Analysis: A Second Course - Jeremy Freese (PDF 21K)

Categorical Data Analysis: Models for Binary, Ordinal, Nominal, and Count Outcomes - Tait Medina (PDF 36K)

Categorical Data Analysis Using Stata: Models for Binary, Ordinal, Nominal, and Count Outcomes - Simon Cheng (PDF 23K)

Causal Inference - Dominik Hangartner, Marco R. Steenbergen (PDF 32K)

Complex Systems Models in the Social Sciences - Ken Kollman, et al. (PDF 65K)

Data Analysis Using Stata - Bill Rising (PDF 30K)

Designing, Conducting, and Analyzing Field Experiments - Donald Green (PDF 79K)

Empirical Models for Time-Series-Cross-Section Data - Robert J. Franzese, Jr. (PDF 33K)

Game Theory I - Dimitri Landa (PDF 16K)

Hierarchical Linear Models I - Aline G. Sayer, Mark Manning (PDF 20K)

Hierarchical Linear Models II: Advanced Topics - Guanglei Hong, Stephen W. Raudenbush, Aline Sayer, Marshall Jean (PDF 27K)

Introduction to Applied Bayesian Modeling for Social Scientists - Ryan Bakker (PDF 39K)

Introduction to Applied Bayesian Statistics for Social Scientists - Scott M. Lynch (PDF 16K)

Introduction to Computing, First Session - Michael Hawthorne (PDF 18K)

Introduction to Computing, Second Session - Michael Hawthorne (PDF 11K)

Introduction to the R Statistical Computing Environment - Dave Armstrong (PDF 47K)

Introduction to the R Statistical Computing Environment - John Fox (PDF 42K)

Introduction to Spatial Regression Analysis - Paul R. Voss, Katherine J. Curtis (PDF 39K)

Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis I - Lok-Sze Wong (PDF 43K)

Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis II - Tim McDaniel (PDF 247K)

Introduction to Time Series Analysis - Mark Pickup (PDF 31K)

Latent Curve Models: A Structural Equation Perspective - Kenneth Bollen (PDF 18K)

Longitudinal Data Analysis - Michael Berbaum (PDF 13K)

Mathematical Models: Game Theory II - Catherine Hafer (PDF 61K)

Mathematical Models: Rational Choice Theories of Politics & Society - James Johnson (PDF 42K)

Mathematics for Social Scientists I - Stephen G. Bringardner (PDF 50K)

Mathematics for Social Scientists II - Howard M. Thompson (PDF 23K)

Matrix Algebra - Pedro P. Sanchez (PDF 68K)

Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Generalized Linear Models - Christopher Zorn (PDF 145K)

Methodological Issues in Quantitative Research on Race and Ethnicity - John A. Garcia (PDF 1.2MB)

Missing Data: An Introduction to the Statistical Analysis of Incomplete Data Sets - Tenko Raykov (PDF 9K)

Multilevel Models using SAS and SPSS - Lesa Hoffman (PDF 27K)

Network Analysis: An Introduction - Stanley Wasserman, Ann McCranie (PDF 49K)

Panel-data analysis using Stata - David M. Drukker (PDF 32K)

Providing Social Science Data Services: Strategies for Design and Operation - Chuck Humphrey, Jim Jacobs (PDF 163K)

Regression Analysis - Brian M. Pollins (PDF 23K)

Regression Analysis I: An Introduction - Saundra K. Schneider (PDF 22K)

Regression Analysis II: Linear Models - Tim McDaniel (PDF 107K)

Regression Analysis III: Advanced Methods - Dave Armstrong (PDF 92K)

Simultaneous Equation Models (SiEM) - Sandy Marquart-Pyatt (PDF 28K)

Social Network Analysis: An Introduction - Katherine Faust, Lorien Jasny (PDF 34K)

Social Networks Analysis: Theory and Methods - Bernice Pescosolido, Stanley Wasserman, Ann McCranie (PDF 38K)

Structural Equation Models and Latent Variables: An Introduction - Kenneth Bollen (PDF 19K)

Structural Equation Models with Latent Variables - Douglas Baer (PDF 33K)

Time Series Analysis - Sara McLaughlin Mitchell (PDF 45K)

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