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How can I be notified of new resources/studies that are in my field of interest?

ICPSR accomplishes this using RSS. RSS is a broad application that is used to aggregate content from different websites.

To create your notification, first create a search that matches your interests. Maybe that involves a simple free text search on "market rate surveys" or maybe it's a more complex search of "subsidies" with the addition of a filter by state for "Illinois."

If you just want a general notification of anything new, you can click on the search box without entering any terms. This lists all of our resources.

Once you're constructed your search, look for the orange RSS icon (RSS icon) right next to the "Search Results" header atop the page and bookmark that page.

You won't recieve an email telling you that new resources have been added, but every time you visit that bookmark, you'll see a list of only those resources that have been added since you were last here.