I C P S R's Strategic Plan

Strategic Goals and Directions

Strategic Goals

ICPSR seeks to leverage its historic and current success, its strong membership and partnership network, and its position as a leader in order to increase stakeholder value and support a vibrant field of social and behavioral research.

Internal and External Synergy
This plan builds linkages and communication across activities and programs that have previously functioned in relative separation.
Inclusion and Diversity
Together these directions expand ICPSR’s work into new regions of the world, integrate new voices into the organization’s development processes, and expand educational opportunities to new communities.
Build on Strengths
Each piece of this plan is constructed on groundwork laid by the previous strategic plan, and draws on ICPSR’s current assets and successes.

Strategic Directions

The plan consists of four strategic directions. Three of these directions are focused externally on ICPSR’s roles both nationally and internationally, as well as the products and services that it offers to members and the wider world of social inquiry. The fourth direction is designed to align organizational structures and processes with strategic priorities.

Enhancing Our Global Leadership
ICPSR will enhance its role as a global leader in data stewardship, engaging the global community as a partner, convener, advocate, and supporter.
Developing New and Responsive Products and Services
ICPSR will create innovative data services through ongoing research and development driven by systematic approaches to increasing engagement and eliciting feedback. These data services will lead to new revenue models and funding sources. ICPSR will also expand the types of data it provides to reflect new research methodologies.
Advancing Knowledge, Skills, and Tools for the Research Community
ICPSR will expand its role in building knowledge, awareness, and understanding of the research process — including all phases of data management and analysis — to facilitate effective, responsible, and productive research activities.
Expanding Organizational Capacity for Leadership and Innovation
ICPSR will invest in its staff and internal organizational structures and systems to establish a solid foundation for new undertakings and successes.

Comments/Suggestions Welcome!

ICPSR would like to thank all who have taken the time to review the Strategic Plan and offer comments. We continue to welcome your feedback. Please submit your comments and suggestions to icpsrstrategicplan@umich.edu

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