Council Minutes
March 14, 1997 (Video Conference)

Council Participants: Suzanne Bianchi, Kenneth Bollen, John Garcia, Ann Gray, Charles Hirschman, Edward Nelson, Carole Shammas (Chair), Elizabeth Stephenson, Wendy Watkins, Halliman Winsborough.

Council not able to participate: Heinz Eulau, Norval Glenn, Kent Jennings, Margaret Levi, Warren Miller, Samuel C. Patterson.

ICPSR Staff participants: Erik Austin, Nancy Fultz, Peter Granda, John Gray, Hank Heitowit, Michelle Humphres, Peter Joftis, Mary Morris, Richard Rockwell, Pamela Schwarzmann, Mary Vardigan, Janet Vavra.

Staff not able to participate: Zack Allen, Chris Dunn.

Guest: Harry Heemskerk, representing the Dutch National Membership.

Additional participants: David Featherman, Director, Institute for Social Research; William Zimmerman, Director, Center for Political Studies.



Council Chair, Carole Shammas welcomed Council members, staff, and guests. She announced that the meeting was being videotaped and time limits for agenda items would be followed.

Professor Ross Matsueda has resigned for health and workload reasons. This seat on Council will remain vacant until the 1998 seating of new Council members.

JoAnne McFarland was introduced as the SAMHSA Project Director working in the Archival Development area.

The ICPSR Nominations Committee is composed of all outgoing members of the Council, along with two non-Council members appointed by the Council Chair. The Council members serving on the Nominating Committee are: Suzanne Bianchi, University of Maryland, College Park; John A. Garcia, University of Arizona; Ann S. Gray, Cornell University; Charles Hirschman, University of Washington; Samuel C. Patterson, Ohio State University; and Carole Shammas, University of California, Riverside (Chair). Non-Council members are Margaret Hedstrom, University of Michigan, and Rodney Green, Howard University.

Approval of the October 1996 Minutes

The minutes were unanimously approved as written.

Archival Development Committee Report

Libbie Stephenson introduced the report, noting that it was a first draft effort for discussion. Due to funding constraints, it has become impossible to process all incoming data and the backlog is creating complaints. The Archival Development Committee's proposal policy is an attempt to address this situation by establishing minimum technical standards for data being deposited and priorities or data to be archived. The report generated many suggestions and comments.

The proposal will be re-evaluated by the committee in coming months and brought to the June meeting.

Libbie Stephenson made a motion that $12,000 be used to establish an endowment fund and consult with professionals to raise endowment money. Wendy Watkins seconded the motion. Council unanimously approved the motion.

Carole Shammas thanked the committee for their superb first steps in preparing an archival policy for ICPSR.

Membership Relations Committee

The ICPSR Membership Relations Committee met in Tempe, Arizona, on March 7, 1997. A preliminary agenda was set for the Biennial OR meeting. The title of the meeting was established: "ICPSR and the Research Community: Evolution and Revolution." The OR meeting will begin on Thursday October, 23, and wrap-up on Sunday, October 26, with a discussion of the Archival Development Report. Martha Farnsworth Riche, Director of the U.S. Bureau of the Census, will speak at the Saturday evening banquet dinner.

Membership Dues

John Garcia made a motion for a 3% dues increase across the board for FY98/99. Libbie Stephenson seconded the motion. Council unanimously approved the motion.

Opening Membership to Individuals at the University of Michigan Campus

Council discussed a proposal to test direct individual access to ICPSR data on the University of Michigan campus. To better serve individuals, it was suggested that the OR at Michigan might move from the political science department to the University of Michigan Digital Library.

Opening membership to individuals will most likely raise usage and the demand for paper documentation. This would require a dues increase to any campus with direct individual access. An estimate of an additional 33% has been suggested.

Some Council questioned why the University of Michigan was chosen for the test; it would be a courtesy to the membership to open the test to others.

How would the issue of access to Michigan alumni be handled? Anyone with a "" domain would have access. A meeting with the University of Michigan Library should be arranged. A commitment of three years will most likely be considered.

John Garcia made a motion to open individual access to three membership institutions on a "first come-first served" basis. The test arrangement would last for three years and the institutions' membership dues would be increased by 33%. Suzanne Bianchi seconded the motion.

There was a concern to open the individual test on smaller campuses first.

One member of Council voted against the motion. All other Council approved the motion.

Non-Education Institutional Memberships

This item was postponed until the June meeting.

Survey of ORs

The 1988 Survey of ORs was reviewed and reconstructed by committee members. The survey is being turned back to staff and should be sent to the membership allowing enough time to receive responses before the OR meeting. The Archival Development Committee requested a copy of the survey prior to distribution.

Carole Shammas thanked the committee for their hard work.

ISR Planning Committee Report

Carole Shammas reported conversations with Bill Zimmerman, David Featherman, and Richard Rockwell. It was noted that pages 11-13 of the ISR Planning Committee Report were most relevant. A committee to continue the collaborative process will be formed and will consist of ICPSR Council members, ISR, CPS and ICPSR staff.

It was clarified that financial issues would be resolved in a different manner and that this committee will deal strictly with intellectual issues and how intellectual issues relate to organizational issues. A timetable should be established with the goal of completion by the end of the year. It was noted that ICPSR Council would provide guidelines and expectations for the final report.

Some ICPSR staff and Council expressed concern that Council be more active in the collaborative process. This is an invitation for cooperation, and we should accept it. Members' interests must be represented on the committee.

A target date of June was set for the Collaborative Committee to meet. A response should be in place by the 1997 OR meeting. It was suggested that Council committees may be able to play a role in the process. Carole Shammas, David Featherman, Bill Zimmerman, and Richard Rockwell will discuss time commitments for ICPSR committees and report back to Council.

FY1998 Budget

Rockwell gave an overview of the draft fiscal year 1998 budget, noting that figures for ISR and CPS were not included in this draft; both ISR and CPS budgeting process were in the early stages of development at the time of the March Council meeting.

This first draft shows an operating budget net income for FY98 of $20,929. For the current fiscal year, FY97, Rockwell noted that the projected operating net income, $223,295 would probably be reduced by $40,000 due to additional computer-related expenses. ICPSR had requested $50,000 in additional funding from CPS overhead accounts, and the request for an additional $25,000 had not yet been approved by the CPS Advisory Committee. Schwarzmann then made observations about the sources of the net income for FY97. Several full-time positions have not been filled at various times throughout the year, and ICPSR received approval for a new computer recharge rate, which means that more of the costs of the Computing and Network Services group will be funded by sponsored research, less by member dues.

Council was then asked for comments on the financial statements for FY98 or FY97. Hal Winsborough had done some comparative analysis on the cost of a data set. His analysis showed that ICPSR staff efficiently processes data sets and has become more productive over time.

Increases in the Archival Development and Computing and Network Services budgets were noted. It was also pointed out that Archival Development's budget brings the department up to full staffing levels. It was mentioned that the net income for the draft FY98 budget was cutting it very close on an overall operating budget of $2.2 million.


There was a brief discussion of a proposal from OhioLink to join ICPSR, in effect bringing all institutions of higher education in Ohio into the membership.

Future Meeting Dates

ICPSR Council will meet June 20-22, 1997 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and October 23-26, 1997, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, during the ICPSR Official Representative Meeting.

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