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Paula Lackie

Paula Lackie

2011 William H. Flanigan Award for Distinguished Service as an ICPSR Official Representative

Paula Lackie (A.B.D., University of Southern California) is the Academic Computing Coordinator for the Social Sciences and Humanities at Carleton College. She is long-time social science data advocate and social science and humanities technologist. She is active in IASSIST, chairing the International Outreach Group, and in recent years she has also worked with National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education, National Numeracy Network, Committee on Data for Science and Technology, Data Documentation Initiative, and the Science Education Resource Center.

She is a past president of the Social Science Computing Association and has served on numerous committees and councils relating to undergraduate education issues of quantitative literacy, portfolio development, supporting GIS, and program and pedagogy assessment. She consults internationally on social science data distribution, support and education. She has published in Social Sciences Computer Review, Cause/Effect, Disability Studies Quarterly, and has authored two book chapters. With Andrea Nixon and Heather Tompkins, she co-authored Curricular Uses of Visual Materials: A Mixed-Methods Institutional Study.

Lackie has worked on a myriad of Carleton projects which have involved: constructing research designs and choosing appropriate supporting tools and resources, working with students on research development, assessment, plus developing infrastructures for data-rich teaching or research projects, instructional technology implementation, user interface design, and technical instruction.

Her current research interests include exploring the pedagogical and technical contexts for the use and support of data in teaching and learning, keeping abreast of developments in Internet 2 and eSocial Science, locating and accessing hard-to-find data resources, and exploring the service-learning opportunities for students interested in the open data movement.

Lackie has been the Official Representative for more than 19 years at Carleton College (and two at the University of Southern California) and served on the ICPSR Council from 2004-2008. During her time on Council, she chaired the Preservation and Access committee and served on the following committees: Strategic Planning, Technology, Quantitative Research & Training, Nominations, Ad-hoc Committee on Membership, Ad-hoc Committee on Instructional Materials and Information Award, and Ad-hoc Membership Structure Review Committee.

She also presented at OR biennial meetings including on these topics: “Promoting quantitative reasoning among students? Focus on the faculty!” and “Carleton College Election Study 2004: A Robust Qualitative Data Entry and Management Project.” In addition, she regularly promoted ICPSR memberships to colleagues at other liberal arts colleges, including a 2004 presentation at the Instructional Technologists at Liberal Arts Colleges: “Critically Evaluating Technologies for a Liberal Arts Context.”

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