Photo of Lennart Brantgarde
Lennart Brantgärde

Lennart Brantgärde

2003 William H. Flanigan Award for Distinguished Service as an ICPSR Official Representative

Data Archivist and Advocate of International Data Exchange and Training Opportunities, Lennart Brantgärde, the Director of the Swedish Social Science Data Service, served as the ICPSR Official Representative for the Swedish national membership since 1981. During that period he has been a staunch advocate of empirical social science. Lennart has been one of the principal conduits for the exchange of information and data between Sweden and the North American social science community. In addition, he has been a strong voice championing comparative, crossnational research as well as collaborative international studies.

Over these many years, Lennart has taken an especially proactive stance to foster advanced graduate education in the areas of quantitative methods and statistics. To that end, working through the Swedish Research Council, he has facilitated the financial support necessary to enable hundreds of Swedish scholars to travel and study in other nations. Chief among those destinations was always the ICPSR Summer Program, here in Ann Arbor. Rare was it that ICPSR did not have the opportunity to welcome to the Program a dozen or more outstanding Swedish scholars.

Over the years, Lennart visited Ann Arbor quite often, either as a participant in an ICPSR Council meeting or at an OR meeting. He has always been a source of sage advice and measured wisdom. ICPSR will miss his engaging company and camaraderie.

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