Daphne Lin, Software Developer

Daphne Lin
Daphne Lin
Software Developer

How long have you been at ICPSR, and what different positions have you held here (if any)? Where were you before coming here, and what were some of the factors that led you to come to ICPSR?

I became part of ICPSR family in November 2007. Prior to joining ICPSR, I worked for Fry Inc. as a senior software engineer specializing in developing eCommerce Web applications. I was born in Taiwan and finished my college there, and taught History at a girls' high school for a year. I came to United States for my graduate studies at the University of Michigan School of Education. After obtaining my Master's degree, I returned to Taiwan and worked for the Ministry of Education as an assistant researcher for a year. In 1992, my marriage brought me back to Ann Arbor again and I have been a resident ever since.

In 1996, I enrolled in the Eastern Michigan University Computer Information System graduate program and landed in the IT field in 1999 until now. After eight years working for my former employer, I was looking for an employer that promotes work-family balance. The University of Michigan became the top on my job search list. Among several interviews from various U of M centers, ICPSR was the most memorable one. I had chances to meet with two different teams that I worked closely with later. The positive energy among the team members attracted me to call ICPSR a second home after a long happy relationship with my former employer.

What are your current research interests/job duties?

I currently hold an intermediate programmer analyst position at CNS (Computer Network Service). Job duties are split between being an IT liaison for the Resource Center of Minority Data (RCMD) archive and a JAVA Web application programmer for the Integrated Fertility Survey Series (IFSS) project.

My responsibilities at RCMD are mainly Web application support. For example, our recent focus is presenting interviews with Principal Investigators on the RCMD website. I also work as IT support if team members have questions on database software, or request standalone tools to enhance data processing. My job duties at IFSS are to design, develop, and maintain a website that disseminates IFSS harmonized data.

What are some of your best memories of your time at ICPSR?

There are a lot of memorable moments from working for ICPSR. The first unforgettable memory was my interview with RCMD team (it was MDRC back then). The immediate connection with the team was a key factor in my joining ICPSR and has become my inspiration for the past few years. Other good memories of my time at ICPSR were always in the summer when interns were here. I have been very fortunate to work with interns through the RCMD archive. These outstanding undergraduate students brought a lot fresh insights to the project and reminded me what our dreams were like when we were young.

I also had good memories with ICPSR Summer Program. In summer 2009, I enrolled in a DDI workshop at Cornell University. I had never been to Ithaca, NY, and heard a lot of good things about the school and the city. Not only did I gain a lot of DDI3 knowledge from an intensive weeklong workshop, I also had chances to explore the beauty of Ithaca. Although no place can replace U of M and Ann Arbor, I have a very fond impression of the Cornell campus and the nature of Ithaca.

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