Lynette HoelterLynette Hoelter

Director, Instructional Resources and Development
Assistant Research Scientist, ICPSR
Research Affiliate, Population Studies Center

Brief Biography

Lynette Hoelter is an assistant research scientist and Director of Instructional Resources at ICPSR and a research affiliate of the Population Studies Center at the University of Michigan. At ICPSR, she is involved in projects focusing on assisting social science faculty with using data in the classroom, including the Online Learning Center and, and generally oversees efforts focused on undergraduate education. Lynette is also a Co-Principal Investigator of the Integrated Fertility Survey Series, an effort to create a dataset of harmonized variables drawn from national surveys of fertility spanning 1955-2002. Her research interests include the relationship between social change and marital quality, gender in families, and the study of family and relationship processes and dynamics more broadly. She has also taught for the department of sociology and the survey methodology program at the University of Michigan.

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Bachrach, Christine A., Pamela J. Smock, and Lynette F. Hoelter. 2011. Social Class and the Timing and Context of Childbearing. Pp. 87-110 in Understanding Family Change and Variation: Toward a Theory of Conjunctural Action, Jennifer A. Johnson-Hanks, Christine A. Bachrach, S. Philip Morgan, and Hans-Peter Kohler (Eds). New York: Springer.

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Ghimire, Dirgha J., Hoelter, Lynette F. "Land use and first birth timing in an agricultural setting." Population and Environment. 28, 289-320. 2007.

Hoelter, Lynette, William Axinn, Dirgha Ghimire. "Social Change, Premarital Non-Family Experiences, and Marital Dynamics." Journal of Marriage and Family, 66 (3): 1131-1151. 2004.


Hoelter, Lynette, Dawn Stauffer. "What Does it Mean to be 'Just Living Together' in the New Millennium? An Overview." In Just Living Together: Implications of Cohabitation on Families, Children, and Social Policy edited by A. Booth and A. Crouter. Pp. 255-271. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. 2002.

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