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What is the Simple Crosstab/Frequency Tool?

The Simple Crosstab/Frequency tool allows you to create custom tables and graphs in two easy steps: 1 — select variables and 2 — click the submit button.

Analyze Data in Two Easy Steps with Simple Crosstab/Frequency Tool

No prior experience with the data is needed to select variables for analysis. Select a study on the Analyze Online page and begin building your own custom tables and graphs. This tool can also be accessed from the Dataset(s) section of the study home page.

Features include:

The Simple Crosstab/Frequency tool compliments the popular Quick Tables tool that allows users to produce custom tables and graphs for preselected core variables with brief interpretations of results. Currently, Quick Tables are available for NSDUH, TEDS-A, and TEDS-D.

The Simple Crosstab/Frequency tool is powered by the online analysis system (SDA).