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Help with Downloading and Analyzing Data

SAMHDA provides public-use data and documentation files for download and online analysis. Restricted-use data files are available for online analysis only. All users of data in the SAMHDA archive must abide by the Terms of Use and properly cite the data files. To access restricted-use data files for online analysis, users are also required to login using a MyData, Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account.

Downloading Data

Public-use data can be downloaded from the following locations on the SAMHDA website:

Public-use data files are available for download in the following formats: SAS, SPSS, Stata, ASCII, tab-delimited, and, in some cases, R. The most commonly used formats are the SAS CPORT, SPSS SAV, and Stata system files. SAS and Stata supplemental syntax files are included for applying missing value recodes.

ASCII data files can be downloaded with their accompanying SAS, SPSS, or Stata setup files, which allow users to read ASCII data files into statistical software packages. For help with using setup files, see the FAQ: How do I use setup files to import plain text (ASCII) data? The following examples of setup files are available: SAS, SPSS, and Stata (Both DO and DCT files).

For more information on downloading data, users should consult the FAQ sections on How to Download Data, and Data Formats and Files.

Analyzing Data

For more information on analyzing data, users should consult the FAQ sections on Help with Analyzing Data Online and Help with the Restricted-use Data Analysis System (R-DAS). The Institute for Social Research (ISR) Applied Survey Data Analysis page also provides sample code for analyzing complex data from a variety of software packages.