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About Online Analysis Tools

Online Data Analysis Using SDA

Online Analysis with SDA
  • Analyze public-use data online, from crosstabulation to regression, without specialized software or any downloading of data.
  • Recode and create new variables. Subset variables or cases into multiple formats for download.
  • Export results for use in spreadsheets and presentations.

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Online Data Analysis Using R-DAS

Online Analysis with R-DAS
  • Analyze restricted-use data without specialized software or downloading.
  • Run tables (frequencies and crosstabulations) and export results.
  • Disclosure limitation measures are embedded in the R-DAS to ensure protection of confidential data. Data cannot be downloaded from the R-DAS.

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Build Quick Tables

Build Quick Tables
  • Produce custom tables and graphs for preselected core variables from select studies.
  • The results can be copied and inserted into documents.
  • Currently available for the following series: NSDUH, TEDS-A, and TEDS-D.

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Simple Crosstab/frequency Feature

Simple Crosstab/frequency
  • Produce tables and graphs for any variable from any public-use study available for online analysis.
  • The results can be copied and inserted into documents.
  • Software powered by SDA.

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Map Data

Map Data
  • Explore geographic data using a U.S. map and dropdown menus.
  • Use color-coding to identify individual states by category (e.g. percent).
  • Access tabular display of mapped data.
  • Access maps on mobile devices.

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