About the Project

The PreK-3rd Data Resource Center is an online resource center designed to expand the knowledge base and provide tools for the access and handling of Prekindergarten through Third Grade longitudinal data. The goal of this project is to inform the Foundation for Child Development's PreK-3rd initiative and build the research field by facilitating the analysis of rich, complex, longitudinal datasets that contain a wide range of variables on the child, family, school, and neighborhood. The Web site disseminates datasets and user guides developed to provide researchers with detailed guidance in creating their own extract datasets.

Download the PreK-3rd Data Resource Center brochure

PreK-3rd Website Webinar Video Recording

On August 20, 2012, PreK-3rd held a Webinar regarding their website. This website provides resources for conducting research on Pre-Kindergarten to 3rd grade education. The webinar touched on such topics as defining the PreK-3rd approach, navigating the site, discussing the available datasets and publications, and current research on these data.

Download Webinar (.wmv 42MB)

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