10 New Ideas for Early Education in the NCLB Reauthorization

Author: Sara Mead, New America Foundation

Published: November 2007

  1. Allow Reading First funds to be used for pre-k language and literacy activities.
  2. Tap supplemental educational services and public school choice set-aside funds for high-quality Prekindergarten.
  3. Improve accountability for early education programs.
  4. Restructure elementary schools identified for reconstitution as PreK-3rd Early Education Academies.
  5. Strengthen the ability of charter schools to deliver high-quality Prekindergarten.
  6. Combine NCLB's Title V block grant program with Head Start's newly authorized state early childhood coordination initiative to create a single "2020 Early Education" state grant program.
  7. Require pre-k programs operated in public schools or with Title I funds to employ "highly qualified early educators" as lead teachers.
  8. Create a "Pathways to Pre-kindergarten Teaching" alternative certification demonstration program.
  9. Provide targeted professional development to individual teachers.
  10. Expand the representation of English Language Learners in Prekindergarten programs.

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