Myron P. Gutmann, University of Michigan and National Science Foundation

Directors of Major Institutional Affiliates:
William J. Parton, Colorado State University
Geoff Cunfer, University of Saskatchewan

Affiliated Researchers:
Daniel Brown, University of Michigan
Glenn Deane, University at Albany
Kenneth Johnson, Loyola Univeristy, Chicago
Susan Hautaniemi Leonard, University of Michigan
Gary Libecap, University of California at Santa Barbara
Susan Maxwell, BioMedware
Dennis Ojima, Colorado State University
Kenneth M. Sylvester, University of Michigan

Research Staff:
Melannie Hartman, Colorado State University
Rachel Kornak, University of Redlands
Susan Lutz, Colorado State University
Emily Merchant, University of Michigan

Other Contributors:
Lenora Bohren, Colorado State University
Ingrid Burke, Colorado State University
Andrew Dunlop, University of Saskatchewan
Kathleen Galvin, Colorado State University
Catherine Meier
William R. Travis, University of Colorado
Kristine Witkowski, University of Michigan

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