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Depositing Data Sponsored by the National Institute of Justice

Archiving Special Condition

Each NIJ award that involves data collection includes a special condition requiring the data to be deposited in a public archive at the conclusion of the project. The following items are specified for deposit:

  1. an electronic copy of each Data Collection generated in conjunction with this project as outlined in the data archiving strategy from the original proposal;

  2. any specialized programming code and other, but not limited to, associated databases, database queries, images, or PowerPoint slides necessary to reproduce all constructed measures and original data analysis;

  3. a codebook listing the data variables, variable labels, value labels, and missing value designations;

  4. a blank electronic version of each data collection instrument;

  5. manual, electronic, or other data collection protocols;

  6. applicable blank consent forms; and

  7. a copy of the draft technical Final Report as supported by the National Institute of Justice's award listed in this deposit agreement

NACJD staff will review the deposit for completeness and provide a written report to NIJ within two weeks. Depositors may need to provide additional data or documentation pursuant to NIJ's request before NIJ releases the depositor's institution from the special condition regarding depositing research data at NACJD.

Submission Guidelines

The materials to deposit vary by the type of data collected. Please refer to the submission guidelines for each type of data. If your project collected multiple types of data, you will need to follow the guidelines for each type of data being deposited.

Additional Data Collection Preparation Tips

When preparing the data for archiving, please remember the following:

Depositing Data

The online form is estimated to take about 15 to 30 minutes to complete. An ICPSR MyData account is required to deposit data. If you do not have a MyData account, you will be prompted to create one before accessing the online form. Accounts are at no charge and offer several user-friendly features.

The online deposit form facilitates the secure upload of files via a Web browser and establishes the terms and conditions of the data transfer.

The form also enables the depositor to describe the data collection being deposited. The depositor may designate others to access and add information to the form if desired. The form permits the depositor to save information entered in the form and return to it later so that the form does not need to be completed in one session.

Deposit Form for NIJ Awardees

For any materials that cannot be uploaded, including hardcopy only documentation and/or removable media, please complete the Deposit Form for NIJ Awardees and upload any electronic files for deposit. (Skip Section VI. Upload Files if no files can be uploaded.) Print the completed form from the link in the email acknowledgement send the printed form and materials to the address listed below. Please note that email is not considered a secure transmission mechanism.

Contact NACJD by email at, or by phone, using the toll-free help line 800-999-0960 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST), or by mail at the following addresses:

ICPSR Acquisitions
Attn: NACJD, NIJ Data Resources Program
P.O. Box 1248
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1248

For UPS/FEDEX shipments:
ICPSR Acquisitions
Attn: NACJD, NIJ Data Resources Program
330 Packard Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104