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Measures of Effective Teaching Longitudinal Database

Steps to Access - An Overview

The Measures of Effective Teaching Longitudinal Database is restricted from general dissemination; a Confidential Data Use Agreement must be established prior to access. Researchers interested in gaining access to the data can complete and submit their applications at any time via ICPSR's online Restricted Contracting System. The data will be available to approved researchers beginning September 16, 2013.

Applying for Access

Please read the METLDB Confidential Data Use Agreement carefully before beginning your application. Applicants will be required to:

Access Fees

Access to the MET data will require payment of $500 per research project, with up to five users per project, for one year. Each additional user beyond the first five will cost an additional $250. The fee provides services in a secure computing environment maintained at the University of Michigan, including statistical software.

Pricing changes will be announced in advance on this website. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover, or a check made payable to "The University of Michigan." Further payment instructions will be provided to approved researchers.

Steps to Access

Step 1 (Day 1): User submits completed Data Use Agreement application including:

Step 2 (Day 7-14): ICPSR approves application (1-2 weeks after submission)

Step 3 (Day 21-28): User submits payment and ICPSR staff configure data access accounts; research team is fully established in ICPSR systems (2-3 weeks after approval)

Working With the Data

Once approved for access to the Confidential Data, researchers will be granted access to two online systems:

  1. Access to the Quantitative Data Files via the Virtual Data Enclave

    Once approved for use of the confidential data, researchers will be granted access to ICPSR's Virtual Data Enclave (VDE).

  2. Web streaming of the Video Data Files

    Once approved for use of the confidential data, access to the video data files will be granted via a secure log in, using a web browser on your computer (not within the VDE). A filterable and categorized list of uniquely ID'd videos will be presented and researchers may select and stream all videos of interest.

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