Data Sharing for Demographic Research
A data archive for demography and population sciences

Mission Statement

The DSDR mission is supported by several key aims:

Public-Use Data Sharing. Provide investigators with tools that will help them to disseminate public access versions of their data, including consultation about dissemination strategies, assistance with disclosure risk analysis, and the development of user-friendly documentation, metadata, and user tools. To create a searchable index of key demographic and population research.

Restricted-access Data Sharing. Provide investigators with tools and strategies for the dissemination of restricted-access (confidential) data. Consult researchers about categories of data that require restriction, model restricted-access contracts, standards for the establishment of secure data downloads, and enclave facilities in North Carolina, Michigan, and Minnesota at which restricted-use data can be made available. Provide management of restricted-access data dissemination for investigators who wish to turn the responsibility over to DSDR, or whose project funding has ended.

User Support, Outreach, and Specialized Training. Assist investigators in ensuring that potential users can locate their data, get support in all the stages of acquisition and use, and receive appropriate training in data use, especially for complex datasets. Consult and collaborate with data producers to prepare data for archiving, conduct data confidentiality and disclosure reviews, and provide data producers with models guide them through the data preparation process.

Archiving. Provide long-term secure archiving of public-use and restricted-use data, in order to ensure that these precious resources are permanently preserved for future use.

Research and Development. Improve the science of data sharing and archiving, by investing in improvements to the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) and in the design of software to enhance Web-based dissemination, and by selectively investigating questions of study design and dissemination related to confidentiality, security, and disclosure risk.