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Terrorism and Preparedness Data Resource Center

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FAQs: How to Deposit Data

  1. Does ICPSR accept qualitative data?
  2. Does your archive keep the original version of the files that I submit for archiving?
  3. How can I archive crime or criminal justice data that I have collected?
  4. How do I deposit data in the ICPSR archive?
  5. How will the research community know that my data are available from ICPSR?
  6. I prefer not to submit my data collection via the Electronic Deposit Form. Do I have other options?
  7. Once I've deposited my data, I do not want changes made to my data collection without my permission. Will you contact me prior to altering the files?
  8. What is the preferred submission format for data files?
  9. When will I know if my data collection will be archived?