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FAQs: Data Formats and Files

  1. How do I interpret a record from an ASCII data file?
  2. How do I read data into R?
  3. How do I use Excel to import tab-delimited ASCII data?
  4. How do I use setup files to import plain text (ASCII) data?
  5. I'm using SPSS on a Mac. I can't read ASCII data files using the SPSS setup file I downloaded. What do I do?
  6. I downloaded data from your site, but my statistics application issues an error message that the file cannot be found.
  7. I receive a "file not found" error when trying to use a setup file. What is wrong?
  8. What is a SAS CPORT file? How do I use it?
  9. What kind of data formats does SAMHDA distribute? Do you have SPSS portable files? SAS transport? Stata?