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What is the process for Data Portal approval and access?

The application process is described in detail in section 3 of the Data Portal Confidentiality Procedures Manual. An abbreviated description of the application process follows.

For each research project, the organization(s) must complete the Application for Access. Completed applications are to be submitted to SAMHDA at dataportal@icpsr.umich.edu. (The application does not need to be signed and does not need to include CVs.)

Once a complete application is submitted to SAMHDA, the Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality (CBHSQ) will review the contents of the application for completeness. CBHSQ will verify that only eligible individuals will have access to the data.

CBHSQ can only approve a limited number of applications. If more completed applications are received than Data Portal resources can support, additional criteria for evaluating the applications will be used. The primary criteria for selection are:

CBHSQ will also consider secondary evaluation criteria:

Once the application has been approved, all individuals listed on the application must participate in confidentiality training. The project team will be notified about how this training will be conducted.

After the training is completed, the applicant submits the required paperwork:

  1. Confidential Data Use and Nondisclosure Agreement (CDUNA)
  2. Designation of Agent and Affidavit of Non-Disclosure Form
  3. Declaration of Nondisclosure (for federal employees only)

Approved applicants have six (6) months to complete the required confidentiality training and submit the required forms. Applications will be terminated for any applicant who fails to meet these requirements within six (6) months of application approval. Applicants with closed applications will need to reapply for Data Portal access during a future call for applications.

When the original signed CDUNA and affidavit(s) are received by CBHSQ and CBHSQ determines they are complete and final, the Principal Project Officer (PPO) and project team will be authorized to access the Data Portal. A copy of the signed and approved CDUNA will be sent to the PPO.

An email will be sent to each approved project team member listed on the application with information on how to access the custom dataset, which will contain only the variables that were requested and approved. Access to these data is allowed only for approved project members who have signed affidavits within the last year.

1The Data Portal provides access to Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) and National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) data sets. For descriptions of these data sets, see DAWN and NSDUH resources.