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My results in R-DAS were blocked by the disclosure protection settings. What do the various messages mean?

Below are descriptions of the most common messages that display when analytic results are blocked.

  1. The Row Total is equal to the value of one of the cells.

    This message refers to a built in disclosure limitation protection for specific crosstab output. In the following 5 X 3 crosstabulation example, the sum of the 4th row is equal to a single cell in that row. The whole table is suppressed when this happens.

    6 15 8
    9 17 8
    3 20 5
    0 5 0
    30 4 7

  2. To preserve confidentiality, tables cannot be displayed when the number of observations in any cell is too low.

    This error message states that at least one cell in the frequency of the table or crosstabulation does not meet the threshold established by CBHSQ/SAMHSA for protecting the confidentiality of respondents.

  3. To preserve confidentiality, analyses are not permitted to use the following variable(s): 'variable name'

    This message appears when one of the complex design variables (weight, strata, or cluster) is entered into one of the analysis fields (i.e. ROW). While the complex sampling design variables are used by the R-DAS system to calculate accurate statistics, the design variables are not available because of the potential disclosure risk involved.