Log In/Create Account

I need help logging into MyData Account and changing my email address or password.

Logging into Your MyData Account

The only time the SAMHDA website requires users to log in using a MyData account is for access to the R-DAS (?). When prompted to log in to the R-DAS on the Log into SAMHDA page, select the "Login via MyData" option to log in using your MyData account.

Changing Your Email Address

Once you've logged in to the R-DAS, the upper right corner of the SAMHDA website will display a link with your name and a logout option. Clicking on your name will take you to the "Edit Settings" page. Select the "Change your password" link to change your password.

Recovering/Resetting Your Password

To recover your MyData password, select the "Request your password to be sent to you via email" link on the "Log into SAMHDA" page and follow the instructions on the next page. After you receive the email, we recommend that you change the password.

Locked Out?

For assistance with MyData, please contact ICPSR User Support at netmail@icpsr.umich.edu.