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Why do I get prompted for a username and password when trying to download a file on the SAMHDA site?

Most data archived in SAMHDA are in the public domain. You should be taken directly to the Terms of Use page after selecting a public-use data file for download or online analysis with SDA, without any request to log in. SAMHDA makes a select number of restricted-use studies available for analysis through the Restricted-use Data Analysis System (R-DAS). Login is required to access R-DAS studies. Users who wish to analyze restricted-use data available in the R-DAS may either establish a MyData account or log in using their Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn account.

If you are requested to log in, then you are either attempting to access a R-DAS study, download a study that is not part of the SAMHDA archive, or there is a problem with the website and you should notify the SAMHDA help desk immediately by emailing samhda-support@icpsr.umich.edu.