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What are the main components of the SDA interface?

The SDA interface is split into four main sections:

  1. Program Selection Menu. Select from programs to perform analysis, create or recode variables, download the dataset or a customized data subset, view the codebook, or view the Getting Started help file. From the Analysis menu, users may select cross-tabulation, comparison of means, correlation matrix, comparison of correlations, multiple regression, or logit/probit regression. Users may also choose to list values of individual cases.
  2. Variable Selection. The buttons within this section change depending on the type of analysis selected. When variables are selected from the Variable Tree, they are placed into the selection box. The user can then specify which analysis field the variable should go into (i.e., row or column for a cross-tabulation, independent or dependent for a regression, or used as a control or filter variable). Users can also obtain a frequency table and accompanying question text for that variable by selecting the View button.
  3. Variable Tree. All variables and variable labels are listed and organized into groups with headings and subheadings as they appear within the codebook. Click on the +/- boxes next to the heading to view all the variables within a selected group. When a variable of interest is located, select the variable and SDA will place it into the variable selection box.
  4. Analysis. This section displays the required and optional fields for the type of analysis you have selected from the Analysis menu.

For further information on SDA, please select Getting Started from the SDA menu.