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There are more than 500 citations that I want to export, but the system only allows for up to 500. How can I export the remaining citations?

After you have completed your search for citations, you have the option of downloading your results into RIS. Currently the system allows you to export the first 500 results. Most searches will not yield more than 500 citations; however, when this happens you will need to export the citations in stages (i.e., 500 citations at a time). The export files can then be merged into one file.

To export results beyond the first 500 citations, you will need to alter the URL in the address bar. Below is an illustration of this process using the NSDUH series, which contains over 1,300 citations. To export all of the NSDUH citations you will need to alter the URL two times, after obtaining the initial 500 results. The URL for the first 500 results is:


To export the citations beginning with 501 up to 1000, add "&paging.startRow=501 " if there's no such element in the URL, or replace "paging.startRow=1" with "paging.startRow=501". For the above example, this would look like:


Notice that the URL contains "seriesId=64". The number 64 is the series number for the NSDUH. To use a different series, replace the series number (e.g., TEDS-A is 56).