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How do I decompress the files I download from your site?

Files distributed via the Internet were compressed using Windows Zip (WinZip) data compression software. Files compressed using WinZip have the .zip file name extension. Users who download compressed files will have to decompress the files before using them.

Please note that files downloaded prior to November 29, 2004, may have the Gzip compression format.


Users with Windows operating systems may need to download a zip program (e.g., WinZip, 7-Zip, PeaZip).


For Macintosh OSX users, decompression software is built into the operating system; you can open compressed files by double-clicking on the .zip file.


Users in the UNIX/Linux environment can use the unzip command to decompress .zip files.

Once you have the appropriate software on your local machine, follow the instructions supplied by your software to decompress the zipped files.