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How can I be notified of new resources/studies that are in my field of interest?

Real Simple Syndication (RSS) is used to notify SAMHDA website users of new resources or studies related to a topic of interest. RSS is a broad application that is used to aggregate content from different websites. (For more background information, please see the FAQ on RSS.)

To create your RSS notification, first create a search that matches your interest(s). An example of a simple search is a search on "residential treatment." An example of a more complex search is a search on "HIV" with the addition of a filter by subject for "attitudes."

Once your search has been completed, you will see the option for RSS above the search results and to the right of the "Study Search Results" header.

How do I subscribe to a RSS feed?

Subscribing to a RSS feed is like bookmarking a webpage. You won't receive an email notification for new resources. Instead, each time you visit that bookmark, you'll see a list of new resources that have been added since your last visit to the page.

To receive a general notification of anything new related to SAMHDA, click on the search box without entering any terms. This returns a list of all SAMHDA resources.