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Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) Series Updated and Energy Drinks Added to Drug Categories

Updated 2004 to 2011 DAWN emergency department (ED) public-use data and documentation files are now available for download and online analysis. more...

The latest updates to DAWN provide uniform drug codes and labels across all years of the series.

The updates also include the addition of energy drinks to the drug category (DRUG_ID) variables. The new drug categories allow researchers to create a binary variable to indicate whether an energy drink was involved in an ED visit. For help with the syntax required to construct binary variables in DAWN, SAMHDA users can reference the "How do I find the number of cases with any mention of a specific drug in DAWN?" FAQ.

NOTE: Users who regularly run DAWN-related queries in SDA or who have written programs to analyze the DAWN Public Use Files should review the drug codes and labels in those queries and programs to ensure that the queries and programs will return the correct information when run against the new files that have the uniform drug codes and labels.

DAWN is a public health surveillance system that continuously monitors hospital drug-related ED visits. All types of drugs (licit and illicit) are covered, including all alcohol involvement for patients under 21, and alcohol involvement in combination with other substances for those 21 and older. DAWN estimates are based on a national sample of general, non-Federal hospitals, with oversampling of hospitals in selected metropolitan areas. Variables in DAWN provide details on the ED visit, including type of case, case disposition, drug involvement, route of administration, and the number of unique drugs reported.

A DAWN report on emergency department visits involving energy drinks is available from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

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