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ICPSR offers guidelines on data management plans

As one of the leaders in data archiving for nearly 50 years, ICPSR is in a unique position to assist researchers with the data management plans increasingly being required by federal funding agencies such as NIH and NSF. Therefore, we are pleased to offer a new set of guidelines for preparing data management plans. We hope these resources can assist researchers in all disciplines meet these new requirements, and better understand how to preserve and disseminate their research data.

Our guidelines provide a detailed list of the elements of a data management plan, developed through a gap analysis of existing recommendations for such plans. We also list existing examples of data management plans, as well as other resources available on the Web.

Depositing data with ICPSR can be an integral part of a data management plan. In fact, the NSF's Directorate for Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences recently named ICPSR as an archive that would help grant applicants meet its requirement for data storage. Our data management plan guidelines also provide information on how to deposit data with ICPSR.

We plan to update our guidelines regularly, and welcome any suggestions via email at web-support@icpsr.umich.edu.

ICPSR is also hosting a Webinar on data management plans as part of our Social Science Data Fair scheduled for November 8-11. Enrollment is currently open for all sessions.