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New Study Home Page and Download Page

Study Home Page

In order to enable users to quickly and easily evaluate whether or not a particular study meets their needs, SAMHDA has implemented a new study home page, which features:


The standard setup provides links to all options for the study. SAMHDA has structured the page to follow the traditional research model, such that one first looks over the study description for additional details, peruses the PDF documentation, and then downloads the files for further analysis. In addition, users can search/browse the variables.

Download Page

We've also made some significant improvements to the download page.


ADSS is a good example of how the table-based design works. The first row enables the user to download formats for all datasets, or s/he can choose a particular format for a dataset, or s/he can choose all files for a dataset. This example also indicates that Stata isn't available for all datasets in this study. You can see some explanatory notes off to the right-hand side. For studies with restricted data, you'll note the warning blurb above the data, and the exact details of those restrictions will be listed below the table.