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Treatment Episode Data Set - Admissions (TEDS-A)

Percentage of substance abuse treatment admissions reporting each substance by year and by state

Note: This display depicts the percentage of treatment admissions within a state reporting a selected substance. Substances are those reported at admission and may have been reported as primary, secondary, or tertiary substance of abuse. The data are based on treatment admissions and do not reflect overall substance abuse prevalence rates.

Year: 2010 Substance: ALCFLG
Alabama (AL)10,96850.5%21,709
Alaska (AK)5,72683.9%6,825
Arizona (AZ)13,79948%28,739
Arkansas (AR)7,90355.8%14,158
California (CA)68,15840.6%167,837
Colorado (CO)65,15782.5%78,942
Connecticut (CT)28,04654%51,951
Delaware (DE)3,20547.8%6,702
District of Columbia (DC) - - -
Florida (FL)23,64539.2%60,247
Georgia (GA) - - -
Hawaii (HI)4,46267.5%6,614
Idaho (ID)1,47567%2,200
Illinois (IL)40,32455.3%72,901
Indiana (IN)13,61057.2%23,780
Iowa (IA)25,39076.4%33,216
Kansas (KS)10,68671.4%14,971
Kentucky (KY)11,46551.8%22,142
Louisiana (LA)13,29250.8%26,170
Maine (ME)7,53059.3%12,705
Maryland (MD)22,30952.4%42,544
Massachusetts (MA)43,15551.5%83,723
Michigan (MI)35,49858%61,152
Minnesota (MN)38,44275.4%51,015
Mississippi (MS) - - -
Missouri (MO)29,67061%48,626
Montana (MT)6,52484.2%7,747
Nebraska (NE)14,02689.2%15,727
Nevada (NV)5,03457.8%8,709
New Hampshire (NH)4,00063.2%6,327
New Jersey (NJ)34,74649.4%70,395
New Mexico (NM)3,34444%7,594
New York (NY)206,36766.3%311,374
North Carolina (NC)28,66147.9%59,848
North Dakota (ND)1,99179.5%2,504
Ohio (OH)47,01957.9%81,243
Oklahoma (OK)7,25948.3%15,026
Oregon (OR)35,96372%49,919
Pennsylvania (PA)33,28853.6%62,088
Puerto Rico (PR)97753.2%1,837
Rhode Island (RI)5,64454.8%10,299
South Carolina (SC)19,81771.3%27,801
South Dakota (SD)13,09989.5%14,637
Tennessee (TN)6,05451.5%11,751
Texas (TX)21,13650.9%41,511
Utah (UT)8,72057.9%15,067
Vermont (VT)5,21365.1%8,005
Virginia (VA)17,35165%26,689
Washington (WA)27,49872.1%38,153
West Virginia (WV)2,06754.4%3,803
Wisconsin (WI)24,31182.8%29,352
Wyoming (WY)4,65181.5%5,706

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Citation: U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Office of Applied Studies. TREATMENT EPISODE DATA SET - ADMISSIONS (TEDS-A), 2010 [Computer file]. Prepared by Synectics for Management Decisions, Incorporated. ICPSR33261. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [producer and distributor].