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Conference Proceedings
Analysis of veterans referred to substance abuse treatment through the criminal justice system
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Comparing Veterans and Non-veterans Receiving Substance Abuse Treatment: An Analysis [symposium presentation]
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Aug 2014
Justice-involved Veterans are increasingly recognized as a special population within the criminal justice system and the larger population of Veterans. The present study aims to explore the characteristics of Veterans referred to substance abuse treatment via the criminal justice system, and describes the factors associated with unsuccessful termination of treatment and incarceration. The first set of analyses compared Veterans referred through the criminal justice system to non-Veterans. Results demonstrated that Veterans were more likely to be older, male, Caucasian, and have a relatively higher level of education. Veterans also had a higher incidence of homelessness, a higher rate of alcohol abuse, and lower rates of opioid or cannabinoid abuse. Veterans had a higher proportion of successful treatment completion. A multinomial logistic regression showed that Veteran status was not significantly associated with either unsuccessful termination of treatment or incarceration. In addition, multiple regression analyses were conducted to identify predictors of unsuccessful treatment termination and incarceration for justice-referred Veterans versus non-Veterans, and these results will be detailed. The second set of analyses compared justice-referred Veterans to Veterans referred through other sources. Analyses revealed that justice-referred Veterans were younger, had a lower incidence of homelessness, and had more arrests in the previous 30 days. Additionally, fewer justice-referred Veterans had an extensive treatment history, and a higher proportion abused alcohol, stimulants, and cannabinoids. Justice-referred Veterans had a higher rate of successful treatment completion, but also of post-treatment incarceration. In a multinomial logistic regression including all Veterans, those referred through the justice system were less likely to be unsuccessfully terminated (OR = 0.58), but more likely to be incarcerated (OR = 1.71). Multiple regression analyses were
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122nd American Psychological Association Convention
Place of Conference/Meeting:
Washington, DC

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