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FAQs: Data Formats and Files

  1. Can I use R without having to learn the details of the R language?
  2. How can I use your data with GIS software, such as ArcView or MapInfo?
  3. How do I interpret a record from an ASCII data file?
  4. How do I read data into R?
  5. How do I use an SPSS setup file to import ASCII data?
  6. How do I use a SAS setup file to import ASCII data?
  7. How do I use a Stata setup file to import ASCII data?
  8. How do I use the Recode Syntax analysis tool?
  9. How do I use the Sample Characteristics analysis tool?
  10. How do I use the Subset analysis tool?
  11. I'm getting a "file not found" error when trying to use a setup file. What is wrong?
  12. I'm using SPSS on a Mac. I can't read ASCII data files using the SPSS setup file I downloaded. What do I do?
  13. I am taking a stats class and need a dataset. I have selected a dataset, but there is no setup file for the stat package I am using. What should I do?
  14. I downloaded data from your site, but my statistics application issues an error message that the file cannot be found.
  15. What is a data file?
  16. What is a SAS CPORT file? How do I use it?
  17. What is R?