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V046006A: House.Elect.6a. House Democratic Candidate Name

2004 House Democratic Candidate Name

Notes: Louisiana: the Louisiana runoff system allows multiple candidates from a single party to run in the House November general election. For Louisiana districts with multiple Democratic or Republican candidates, the leading candidate from each major party (i.e. the party's candidate perceived as leading just prior to the 2004 election) was identified as the major party's candidate for the Candidate List prepared for the 2004 NES, and the same candidates are so identified in this file. Up to 2 additional candidates from major parties may be included in variables otherwise reserved for the 1st and 2nd independent/3rd-party House candidates (see House.Elect.8a,b,c and House.Elect.9a,b,c.). Jim Stork (FL22) withdrew from the House race after the deadline, thus his name appeared on the ballot and he received a substantial percentage of votes. He is considered here as the 2004 Democratic candidate.

Based upon 436 valid cases out of 436 total cases.

Location: 105-134 (width: 30; decimal: 0)

Variable Type: character


Source: This variable was taken from: ANES 2004 Time Series and Panel Contextual File.

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