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Arrests as Communication to Criminals: A User's Guide to the Machine-Readable Files and Documentation (Data Set JU.134.135)
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Jun 1992
The study was prompted by recognition of the difficulty of using many data bases to assess a specific hypothesis, which asserts that within defined spatial areas the police response to criminal behavior occurs in a very short time frame, while the criminal response to police behavior is spread out or diffused in time. Technical problems of simultaneity prevent the use of many data bases to assess this hypothesis. In this study, the data were obtained from the Planning Department of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, which supplied all crime reports received by the police and all arrests for the years 1970-82, except for 1971. The data are contained in two files. The first contains information on all 802,061 felony crimes reported to the St. Louis City Metropolitan Police Department from 1970 to 1982. The file is divided by year into 12 years. The second file contains information on all 154,710 felony arrests in St. Louis from 1970 to 1982. Tables and coding information source
NCJ 146229
Sociometrics Corporation, Data Resources Program of the National Institute of Justice
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Los Altos, CA

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